OzTiming uses the powerful race|result Timing System with RFID based technology to time its races in varying and complex conditions. This type of race timing technology is ideal for events with a large number of competitors and complicated timing splits. For more information on how RFID technology works see our Timing Systems page.

OzTiming also provides numerous additional services that enhance the value of the RFID technology, many of which are provided free of charge.

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Race Timing Services

A Comprehensive Timing Service

We provide a range of timing services to suit all race sizes and to meet any budget. OzTiming takes the stress out of timing an event by providing a fully integrated service. You tell us your requirements and we will take care of the rest. For a typical event we arrive on the morning of the race, provide you with chips for registration, set up all equipment including a finish arch and race clock, time the race, provide you with reports instantly, upload the results to the web and much more!

We take the time to discuss your event in detail and plan for the day well in advance. We aim to be able to answer all your questions and become a helpful advisor, not just a timing service.

Quick and Easy Results

Our efficient technologies allow results to be delivered quickly to race officials so that presentations can be conducted as soon as possible. In addition we can also provide race organisers with results in various formats after a race.

 Live-to-Web Results

With the continued use of the web, more and more competitors are expecting to receive quick and accurate feedback online . This is where our interactive live-to-web platform can give your events the edge you need. Participants can access the site and see the latest results on their phone or from their home. And because the data is loaded before we leave the race site, the results are online before competitors return home.

 Large Display Clocks

Our large display clocks show race time both clearly and easily for runners and spectators alike. They can be used at finish lines, split points, or even attached to lead cars.

Start and Finish Arches

Take your event to the next level with large inflatable gantries for your event. These arches increase the profile of your event and also provide a professional look.


Additional Services

Customised Race Bibs

We can source full colour customised race bibs to be used in many applications and provide the perfect opportunity to promote sponsors.  The bibs are made from highly durable coated paper that makes them resistant to rain and sweat, making them ideal for racers.

Commentator Display

Live standings and results can be delivered instantly to a commentator via a separate laptop computer or TV screen, allowing commentators live access to finish times, names and positions. This can be great for spectators and really makes use of the ‘live’ timing data from our systems.

 LCD Scrolling Results Display

Do you want to display the results live at your event on large LCD displays? We have the perfect solution for you. Our advanced software records the entrants time and then displays their results instantly on a large display screen for immediate feedback.

Results Kiosk

The brilliant Results Kiosk allows competitors to use an interactive touch screen computer system to obtain their results immediately after the race. After a competitor crosses the line their results are available instantly at the kiosk which displays all the race data. They can even print a receipt to take home.

Kiosks can also be used to improve your on-the-day registration efficiency as they have built in registration and payment portals.

LCD Interactive Clock

Place a large LCD TV screen near your finish line and make your race interactive. Display finish times, participant names, sponsor logos and video advertisements. You can even display special messages from friends and family as competitors cross the line.

Registration Services

Online registration and payment solutions can be customised to suit any race or event and are fast, convenient and accurate. We handle the entire registration procedure and help event organisers avoid time consuming and often frustrating process. In addition, we can also mail out the race bibs with the timing device attached to improve the registration process.

SMS Results

SMS results can be delivered to competitors quickly and effortlessly just minutes after the race including their race time, overall and category positions.

Much More

Have a specific requirement or problem? Speak to us and we can work through a solution together.

We can also custom build a timing package to suit your needs and budget. Please contact us to discuss the solutions available.

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Our capabilities are endless and range from Fun Runs, Open water swims, Road Cycling, Triathlons, Multi-sport events, Adventure races, Mountain Biking and much more.

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