Do you sell equipment?

No, we do not sell software nor hardware, but we do provide valuable experience necessary to time your race effectively and efficiently.

For most races the time needed to be trained and the cost of equipment makes it much easier to hire a professional timing contractor. We will take all the hassle away from the race director and provide valuable experience to help make your race a success.

Do you work nationally/internationally?

OzTiming is based in Melbourne, Victoria but works throughout Australasia. We are always looking for new opportunities in other countries including New Zealand, South East Asia and all over the world.

Do you only time swims, runs and cycling events?

The majority of the events we time are running, swimming and cycling or a combination of all.

However, we  can cater for any event. Anything is possible; canoeing, skiing or even street luging.

What do you require before an event?

Before an event we will ask you for all the information required to help us time your race effectively.

Basically we require a list of entries for each participant in the race plus information on course map, location, race categories and events. We will do the rest.

How quickly are results ready for presentations?

This depends on the type of event, number of competitors and the race director’s needs, but generally place getting results are ready immediately, and the entire event results are available online within an hour of the event finish. Be sure to mention your requirements well before race day so that we can plan ahead and have your results when you need them on race day.

Do you supply race bibs?

Yes. We supply customised race bibs that are made of a high quality waterproof paper and are pinned to a racer’s chest. These bibs are of excellent quality and will not tear or break even under the harshest of conditions. The bibs are full colour and customisable and can include event/sponsor logos and anything else that you can imagine.

Race bibs/stickers are required for most races as we recommend using disposable timing chips that attach to the back of the bib. It is best to order these race bibs sat least 3 weeks prior to the race. This allows time for the bibs to be designed and printed, timing chips attached and then delivered to the race organiser.

Do you offer an online registration service?

Yes. We recommend using our online registration service as it allows us access to competitor data (race numbers etc.) which reduces work for the event director and minimises errors in the data.

Is is possible to use a point scoring system?

Yes. We can easily allocate points to competitors over a single event or many events. Just let us know.

Can you process entries on the day?

Yes. We  provide staff that will enter on-the-day-entries into the race timing software on race day. After the registration staff have collected the entry form and allocated a race number we collect the registration sheets and enter the information. After the race we return the forms to you.

If there are more entries on-the-day than anticipated they can be entered after the race starts, as long as they have been allocated a race bib. However, it is best to let us know before the event if you believe that there will be a large number of on-the-day entries so we can supply additional staff and avoid delays to results.

What other services can you provide other than timing?

We like to add value to our timing services by providing information and helpful advice to event organisers.  We have plenty of event experience and knowledge  from previous races and can offer tips to make your event  a success. As professional timers we have seen an array of different types of events, we are here to help and want to make your event a success just as much as you do.

For a full list of services please see our services page.

In addition to timing we also hire:

  • Large display race clocks
  • Inflatable finish arches/gantries

Can you provide multiple timing splits?

Yes. We can cater for any type of race with multiple timing points/splits.

What timing system do you use?

We use the industry leading RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) German-engineered Race|Result Timing Systems. This system is based on UHF technology and has been producing outstanding results across the world.

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Our capabilities are endless and range from Fun Runs, Open water swims, Road Cycling, Triathlons, Multi-sport events, Adventure races, Mountain Biking and much more.

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