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OzTiming uses industry-leading Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to deliver exceptional results in all types of sporting events. RFID is deployed in many applications around the world and has been used to time some of the world’s most popular races.

Our systems can be used in a range of locations and conditions. With the flexibility to use 1m to 16m wide timing points, our technology has the scope to be used in a variety of applications.

OzTiming uses Ultra High Frequency (UHF) technology to deliver a class leading success rate. This allows us to install timing equipment in the harshest of environments with ease and success.

The race|result Timing System combined with the extremely reliable software delivers exceptional results that can be moulded to the need of many different types of events.

Disposable Race timing tags

OzTiming primarily uses disposable UHF race tags for most non-water based events. This allows tags to be attached to race bibs prior to the race, ensuring easy registration process. In turn this can improve the efficiency of the event and reduce registration mishaps. Of course an added benefit is at the end of an event there is no need to collect the tags.

Waterproof Multisport tags

For events that are water based or that require greater durability, OzTiming uses reusable UHF tags that attach easily to the ankle of a competitor. These discrete tags fit easily under a wetsuit and do not hinder the athletes performance.

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Our capabilities are endless and range from Fun Runs, Open water swims, Road Cycling, Triathlons, Multi-sport events, Adventure races, Mountain Biking and much more.

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