Whether you are a sporting club, school, charity or event management professionals we can provide you with timing services for a wide variety of races, sports and events. OzTiming has the experience required to make your race a complete success and help build your event, whatever your goal may be.


Running is at the core of OzTiming’s capabilities and our timing solutions can cater for a varied range of races in many unique applications such as fun runs, charity races, school x-country and trail runs. Our timing systems and experience give us the ability to incorporate complex categories and results, making the timing process streamlined and efficient.

We use the latest disposable chips for flexibility and convenience for event organisers at an extremely affordable price. In addition our other services, such as the ability to mail out timing tags prior to race day reducing on-the-day registrations, which is great for large scale running races.


The high number of start times and the beach environment can often make swimming races some of the most difficult races to time without an electronic system. OzTiming has developed the specific expertise and techniques to produce outstanding results for swimming races.

Our durable timing chips are designed to withstand the harshest of conditions without hindering the performance of the competitor. In addition, the ability to produce live results for commentators and progressive results are also very useful in swimming races.


Our systems have been used effectively to time both mountain biking and road cycling events with outstanding results. Our ability to use remote timing points allows us to produce fast and accurate results, even on events with large distances between timing points.

Our timing chips and systems been specially developed with cyclists in mind and have no interference to the performance of the cyclist.


OzTiming’s services are perfect for any triathlon or multi sport race. The complex nature of multi-leg races means that it can be very painful to time events without an electronic timing system. The ability to use any number of timing points at many different locations simultaneously and record results ‘live’ is the ultimate solution for multi-leg races.

This means OzTiming can produce many unique split times to give additional information to competitors. This is often important in triathlons where competitors like to receive times for transitions zones and separate legs.

Additionally, our systems were initially developed with multi sport events in mind and are suited to the rigorous conditions of long races.


Cross-country skiing is a rapidly growing sport where timing splits are crucial. OzTiming can manage the demands of remote timing points and our systems work well in the demanding alpine environment. We can also include other factors in our results such as timing penalties.


OzTiming can handle many other types of events and sports such as:

  • Canoeing
  • Adventure Races
  • Military Races

Not listed above? Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and to work out an effective solution.

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Our capabilities are endless and range from Fun Runs, Open water swims, Road Cycling, Triathlons, Multi-sport events, Adventure races, Mountain Biking and much more.

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